August 很食物的第一週

On Friday, I invited Feng (Toastmaster) to our house for a farewell dinner. Very surprised to see him riding a bike to our neighborhood! I thought I saw the wrong person lol. As I asked him to bring some drink like green tea, I didn’t expect he would brew a jar of green tea himself, pack it into his bag, and bring to the dinner. He is so unique ha! As host, we prepared a luxury Japanese style cuisine, including Udon, Chawanmushi(茶碗蒸), chicken skewer, and salad. Feng’s speaking speed is like sloth, very very slow, but you know he is very smart because he got a Phd in math. He can also play piano quite well as an amateur player, appraised by Huang. His Beethoven playing seemed to be deep but I’m not that familiar with this piece. Anyway, he is going back to Singapore few weeks later and wait on Israel’s border re-open to start his postdoc journey. He is so much like Masho, same style of speaking, same habit of playing city mayor game, and same smart. Guess he is a person hard to contact because he replied email or text quite slow — as he is spending most of time immersing in the math world. Still good to know a mathematician in my life.